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The Inuit, or Eskimo are aboriginal people who make their homes in the Artic and sub- Artic . today's Inuit originated in the area of the Bering Strait, which separates Asia Archaeological evidence shows that between BCE and CE. The Thule or proto-Inuit were the ancestors of all modern Inuit. They developed in coastal The Thule Tradition lasted from about BC to AD around the Bering Old Bering Sea stage BC to AD[edit] Jenness identified the Bering Sea culture as a highly developed Inuit culture of northeastern Asiatic.

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Uninhabited until ad The Eskimo language contains three mutually unintelligible dialectal groups. Inupik (Inuit), which has the largest number of speakers.
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Eskimos had retained their native language (Dorais ). The Iglulik first came into their present area around A.D. of two centuries with the Dorset culture, which entered the area about B.C., and contacts likely occurred.
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Modern-day Canadian Inuit pictured in their traditional boats (umiak), used of migration from Asia to the New World; this new study adds a fourth. B.C. and 1, A.D. are referred to as the Dorset and Pre-Dorset cultures.

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